Enhancing Lives. Developing Abilities.
Promoting Independence.

Darlington County
& Special Needs Board 






DCDSNB offices and Day Program will be closed January 19th, 2014 in honor Martin Luther King.

 Our Mission:  To enhance the lives, 

develop the abilities, and promote the independence of people with disabilities.

Darlington County Disabilities and Special Needs Board is a private non-profit organization that serves people with intellectual / developmental disabilities and related special needs from birth through senior-age.  The phrase "intellectual / developmental disabilities and related special needs" refers to mental retardation, autism, head & spinal cord injury (HASCI) and related lifelong disabilities. 

People with disabilities are a vital part of our community and we strive to provide them with the training and skills necessary for their personal success in all areas of their lives.  We believe that all persons have the right to choose where and how they learn, live, work, play, and socialize.  DCDSNB provides choices to enhance the lives of the special people we serve.

Ruth Blocker, DCDSNB Executive Director


If you or a family member has intellectual disabilities, autism or related lifelong disabilities, call toll-free



This toll-free line is staffed during normal business hours; messages left after hours/weekends will receive a return call in within two business days. If the applicant meets all screening criteria, he/she will be provided with a list of available service coordination or early intervention (SC/EI) providers.


If you or a family member has a disability resulting from traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury (or both), or a similar disability, please contact HASCI Division Information & Referral (I&R) at 1-866-867-3864 (toll-free) to be screened for referral to DDSN's HASCI division.

DCDSNB's beloved founder Mary Louise "Lou" Raley Scott (1923-2010)

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