Enhancing Lives. Developing Abilities.
Promoting Independence.

Darlington County Disabilities
& Special Needs Board






Our History 

DCDSNB was initially named the Hartsville Area Developmental Center and was founded in 1967 when Mrs. Lou Scott was asked to become director of a kindergarten class for the mentally retarded.  The initial location was at West Hartsville Church with two children enrolled in the program and an annual budget of $ 2,700 sponsored by the Hartsville Civitan Club
An application for incorporation was made under the organization name of
Hartsville Area Council for the Mentally Retarded, Inc., with six prominent business people in the Hartsville area serving on the Board of Directors.

Now in 2013, the term "mentally retarded" is no longer in use, and we believe that Mrs. Scott would have been so pleased to see the change.  The proper term now is "Intellectual Disability".

The Mission, Values, Principles, Goals and Vision remain integral to the past, present and future Darlington County Disabilities and Special Needs Board.


To enhance the lives, develop the abilities,

and promote the independence of people with disabilities.



Individual and Family Responsibility

Health and Safety of all Participants

Community Integration

Dignity, Self Determination, Choice

Cost Effective Supports

Person Centered Service Delivery



Develop Self Esteem

Provide Multiple Employment Opportunities

Increase Community Awareness

Develop Person Centered Services

Meet Demands of Residential Placement

Increase Delivery of Family Support Services



A highly effective agency that delivers the best possible person-centered
services to people with disabilities in Darlington County.