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Christmas Ornaments 

Celebrate Christmas with historical ornaments of Darlington County!  Our 18K gold-plated ornaments are not only beautiful and have historical significance, each purchase also supports people with disabilities in Darlington County. 

"Byerly Hospital" was chosen for Hartsville and is the last in the series of historic sites in Hartsville to be showcased.  Hartsville's 2005 ornament was "Ruth's Drive-in", 2003 was the Hartsville Museum, 2002 featured the "Thomas Hart House", the 2001 ornament highlighted the "Jacob Kelley House" and the ornament for 2000 featured the "Hart Cottage". 

The beautifully restored "Wilds Edwards House", is the first historic site in Darlington chosen to begin the Series planned for Darlington.  Darlington City Council proudly endorsed this series as Darlington's "Official City Ornaments".

Through your purchase of the ornaments, you will help the Darlington County Disabilities Foundation support people with disabilities served by DCDSNB.

The ornaments can be purchased at the Scott Center located at 201 North Damascus Church Road in Hartsville. 

****Quantities are limited for some years****


2000     Hart Cottage                         Hartsville

2001     Jacob Kelley House             Hartsville

2002     Thomas Hart House            Hartsville

2003     Wilds Edwards House        Darlington

2003     Hartsville Museum              Hartsville

2004     First Baptist Chapel            Hartsville

2004     First Baptist Church           Darlington

2005     Ruth's Drive-in                     Hartsville

2005     The Court House                  Darlington

2006     Byerly Hospital                     Hartsville

2006     St. John's School                 Darlington


The cost is only $12.00 each plus $3.00 shipping and handling. Contact Carrie Chenard at cchenard@dcdsnb.org for more information. Her phone number is 843-332-7252 Ext. 1101.


Make checks / money orders payable to:

Darlington County Disabilities Foundation
201 N. Damascus Church Rd

Hartsville, SC  29550

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