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Darlington County 
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Darlington County

Disabilities Foundation


     As a private non-profit organization, the Darlington County Disabilities & Special Needs Board receives tax-deductible donations from a variety of contributors.  Although we contract with the State of South Carolina to provide many of our supports and services, we need private donations for many other services and benefits for the people we serve.

     We accept donations of all kinds including monetary, food, clothing, equipment, computers, and vehicles.  The Darlington County Disabilities Foundation was established in order to accept donations.  Our dream is for DCDF to establish a large principle that will enable us to have continuous financial support in the future. 

Darlington County Disabilities

Foundation Members

Ms. Penelope Bright
Dr. Joe McCullough

Mrs. Hattie E. Hughes

Mrs. Debbie Fink

Mrs. Mary Alice T. King

Mrs. Patricia Toney

1 Vacancy