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DCDSNB Newsletters
2022 Annual Service Awards
2022 Special Recognition Awards
2020 Annual Service Awards
March 12-13 2020
Finance Director Kristie Stokes - 5 years Service
DSP Jasmin Sandoval - 5 years Service
DSP Malinda Manley - 5 years Service
DSP Myia Davis - 5 years Service
DSP Simone Taylor - 5 years Service
DSP LaShonda Wilson - 5 years Service
Day Plan Coordinator Synquis Morrison Cook - 5 years Service
DSP Joyce Jackson - 10 years Service
DSP Brandy McRae - 15 years Service
House Manager Rochelle Moses - DCDSNB Employee of the Year
House Manager Lewanda Joyner - SCHSPA Employee of the Year
EI Supervisor Joni Pendergrass - Lou Scott Award
Maintenance Tech Micrin Copeland - Sue Woodham Award
Day Plan Coordinator Synquis Cook -- Vonoka Kind Award